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What is Local SEO

What is local SEO and why its important to your business

What Is Local SEO

 There are millions of websites on the internet, and each one of these websites is fighting for a place in the top 10 results that show on the first page of the search results.For example, if you are a chiropractor and you write an article about lower back pain, you use can use Best SEO In Sligo to help your article rank better. When someone searches the Internet about lower back pain, there’s a better chance that your article will show up on the first page and the person will choose to read your blog post.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially a set of techniques that help a website rank better in the search engines, such as Google and Bing. 

What is Local SEO and why its important

Some small business owners and consultants offer products or services in their area, and they want to attract local customers and clients who need these products and services. They don’t want to attract anyone online – they need to reach people that have access to the area in which they operate.
These business owners and consultants use local SEO to attract more visitors to their website that live near to their office or place of business. And this makes it more likely that these visitors will become paying customers. Local SEO is effective when marketing restaurants, food outlets, brick-and-mortar stores, small businesses, consulting services, medical services, and any other products or services that need face-to-face interactionThe reason why local SEO works so well is because it helps customers who are looking for something local find exactly what they need – youFor example, if you are a chiropractor who helps people with lower back pain, you can use local SEO to find clients who are suffering from lower back pain find you when they are looking for a chiropractor in their area.
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How do you apply local SEO? There are many factors that go into local SEO,  such as:
  • ·Making sure your address and phone number are correct and can be discovered online
  • ·Ensuring that you use relevant keywords throughout your site’s content
  • ·Following Google’s guidelines for creating high-quality pages
  • ·Collaborating with other experts in your field
  • ·Writing blog posts on authority websites and getting links back to your own website
  • ·Using on-page optimization on your website. This includes anything that you do on your own website to help search engines find you and show you to potential customers, like writing descriptions for your articles so Google knows what each article is about
  • ·Using off-page optimization that is not directly on your website, such as getting verified reviews from customers on Yelp and Google Reviews, creating social media profiles (on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with links back to your site, joining industry groups to network with others in the area, and many more
What can your business gain from local SEO?
The goal of local SEO is to have your business show up on the first page of the search results, and ideally as close to the top of that page as possible. This should grow your customer base over time, and will pay off for many months or years to come. Where do you start with local SEO?
If you know a little about SEO then you can start applying local SEO techniques yourself. But if you don’t know how any of it works, you can hire an SEO agency to help you.
Here are some questions to ask an SEO agency before you hire them:
  • What is the local SEO process that you follow?
  • How long will it take to see results and what sort of results can I expect?
  • Can you provide references or case studies of other similar businesses that have been successful with your services?
  • Do I need a contract, and what are the terms of this contract?
  • How much should I expect to pay for these services?
  • Do you use white-hat or black-hat SEO? (Black-hat SEO involves dubious techniques that can get you blacklisted and kicked off the search engines – do not choose any SEO agency that is willing to offer you black-hat SEO services.


Local SEO is an important aspect of any company’s online marketing strategy because it means targeting prospective customers who live close by – not just people across the country or globe. In the last 12 months our team at Sligo Web Design have amplified clients websites on Search Engines and increased leads.  If your online business is struggling to get search engine ranking or struggling to get leads then get in touch with out team today at info@sligowebdesign.ie

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