SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Most internet users begin their session by searching for something they need. People make use of the internet to fulfill their need for information about a particular product or service they need. They can make use of the internet to find a perfect piece of clothing, a local restaurant or an ideal SEO company.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of assisting your customers to connect with your business online. Our team of SEO specialists makes use of modern SEO techniques that are backed by the best digital practices to increase your website ranking, enhance visibility and increase traffic. This will ensure you get more customers and make more sales. We have SEO consultants at Sligo Web Design who are ready to offer the best SEO service in Sligo

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What Set Us Apart From other SEO Companies?

Value for Money: At Sligo Web Design, our objective is to offer the best value for your money. We pledge to offer amazing results on a budget you can afford. We won’t over promise and under deliver. 

Cutting Edge Ideas: Many SEO agencies offer a one-sized fits marketing campaign and they take old ideas and repackage them as real work. Sligo Web Design is different from these SEO companies. Our SEO professionals will personalise a marketing campaign to fit your needs. We also constantly refine our SEO services to reflect the latest changes in the world of digital marketing. 

Professional SEO Service: At Sligo Web Design, we are committed to providing you and your business the type of professional service you deserve. We know that your SEO campaign is the life-line of your business and we are committed to assisting you to achieve business success. Our professional specialists will take their time to know about your business and understand your needs. Your business is important to us.

Which SEO Service Is Perfect For Your Business?

At Sligo Web Design, we offer different types of SEO packages that can be personalised for the needs and objectives of your business. Our SEO services include the following: 

Local SEO: This involves using keywords to target local cities, counties and states. Local SEO has less competition, low investment, get quality leads from locals and get quicker results. But, with a local market, there is no national exposure and less web traffic. 

National SEO: This entails making use of keywords that are focused on your country and increases the overall web traffic, benefits eCommerce firms and provides a wide geographic boundary. 

Global SEO: This involves targeting different countries. It expands the prospective and current customer base, creates a professional brand image and increases web traffic. 

Consequently, you need all SEO services to get optimum results. At Sligo Web Design, we can help you with all SEO services to increase traffic, brand awareness and generate more revenues. Creating an SEO friendly website can be a difficult task. Sligo Web Design will optimise your current website in the most effective ways. Whether you need local, national or global SEO services for your business or company, our SEO professionals will bring your product or services to the attention of your target audience. Your company deserves the best, let Sligo Web Design help you get the success your business deserves. We offer reliable and SEO services to different companies in a wide range of industries including e-commerce. You can contact us to set up a consultation with our SEO agency and explore the possibilities of more revenues. 



Sometimes it can take up to 6 weeks, sometimes it can take up to 6 months. This is all down to the niche you are in. If it’s a competitive niche with a lot of competition then it could take a little longer.

Yes, no matter what type of website you have SEO is very important. Each website must be set up probably, each website mush have a proper link structure (on page or off page). And most importantly you website must be optimised in the correct way, so search engines like Google or Bing can index it and rank your website. 

This depends on how much SEO work your competitor has done to date.  But with SEO tool we can check what your competitor work and the we just need to do it better.  The you will take the No.1 spot on search engines 

An SEO strategy normally take a lot of time and patience.  An SEO strategy starts with on page SEO (Content) then Technical SEO ( Url Structure, linking pages or posts etc) then off page SEO.  Off page SEO involves building relationship with people in your niche asking them to put a link to your website or to your blog article on there website which can be time consuming 



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