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Here you can find some Web Design and SEO Blog articles that will help you improve your online platforms. You will be able to find some tip and tactics that you can implement on your own website for better results. You will also be able to find some free resources that like our Google My Business checklist. That you will be able to use to improves you Google My Business page.  We have taken some of these tactics from some of the best Digital Marketing and SEO influencers from around the globe and presented all our learning in these articles. 

designing a website

Designing a website

Author: Tommy Finan

Sligo web design have put together a blog article outlining some important steps before you start designing you website.  In this article we speak about Keyword Planning., Silo Structure’s and choosing a website builder and theme.  All major important factors in the Web Design process.  

Google My Business Checklist

Google My Business Checklist

Author: Tommy Finan

Google My Business ( Map Listing ) is a very powerful platform that will help you with your online presence. GB has the ability is driving huge amounts of traffic to your main money website, so it’s important you optimise your profile the best way possible.  I have put together a simple 12 step checklist that will help in the optimisation of your GMB  

heading tags

What are heading tags

Author: Tommy FInan

What are heading tags? Is a questions we get asked a lot at Sligo Web Design. So have put together a blog article to explain what Heading Tags are and why they are important to you SEO process during web design. 


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